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What are the health benefits of almonds?

December 30, 2018
Benefits of Almonds
Benefits of Almonds : Almond are the perfect crunch that we all love and add to mostly all kinds of cookies, cakes and sweet dishes. Eat them raw, soak them overnight and eat or bake them, they taste equally good. Not just the taste but the health benefits attached to almonds are Shockingly amazing and we all would add almonds to our diet after knowing about them. A lot has been spoken about almonds since the ancient times as the benefits are numerous. It’s  basically a seed but is mostly considered a nut. It belongs to the group of prunes. It is the origin of North Africa, West Asia, and the Mediterranea Almonds are beneficial to health, skin, and body.  They contain monosaturated fat and dietary fiber which gives benefits to the body. Be it any form, raw almonds, almond oil or almond milk they are an amazing source of nutrients and help us in various ways to deal with everyday issues of digestion to a lifetime ailment of blood pressure controlling and coronary diseases.

Why are Almonds good for you?

1.Reduces Cholesterol

The body produces both good and bad cholesterol. The cholesterol levels depend on the food that we take. Too much oil and junk food promote bad cholesterol in our body. The bad cholesterol leads to many cardiovascular diseases, thus it must be under control. The mono saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are present in almonds that help to reduce LDL and promotes HDL. You can consume 2 handfuls of almonds Benefits of Almonds on an everyday basis.

2.Prevents Cancer

Almonds contain fiber which has a detoxifying effect on the body. The digestive system becomes more active, hence cleansing takes places. This cleansing of the digestive system organs prevents colon cancer. The vitamin E and flavonoids present in the almonds have a direct impact on the breast cancer cells.

3.Prevents Diabetes

The blood sugar levels can be controlled by the properties present in almonds. Almonds have a thick glycemic index. They balance the blood sugar levels very well.

4.Boosts Energy Levels

There are certain elements present in almonds which are responsible for energy production. Manganese, riboflavin, and copper supply energy instantly. This is the main reason why almonds are used in energy bars.

5.Prevents Birth defects

Pregnant women are mostly recommended to eat almonds because it contains folic acid. Almonds have folic acids which prevent birth defects. This acid plays a major role in the growth of Foetus. It promotes the growth of healthy cells and strengthens the tissues.

6.Strengthens the Bones

Deficiency of Calcium can lead to weak bones and several other health problems like arthritis and osteoporosis. Almonds are rich in calcium which promotes healthy bone and muscles. Almonds also supply Vitamin D which strengthens bones.

7.Helps in weight loss

They play a special role in losing weight. It has fewer calories compared to other nuts.nuts

8.Helps in Easy Digestion

Fiber is required to digest food easily and also in defecating it out of the body. Almonds are rich in fiber. It prevents constipation and promotes smooth motion.

9.A substitute for Breast Milk

A mother’s milk is very important for the infant as it has a lot of protein and nutrients. Almond milk can be a substitute for a mother’s milk due to the enormous vitamins and minerals that it possesses.

10. Rejuvenates skin

Almonds contain antioxidants which fight with free radicals that harm the skin. It makes the skin look aged than it actually is. Massaging the skin every day with a few drops of almond oil works wonders for your skin.

11. Helps in Strengthening Kidney

Minerals such as calcium and potassium can harm the kidneys over a long period of time. Patients with kidney diseases should limit food that has high levels of calcium and potassium in it. Almonds have calcium and potassium that strengthens the kidney.

12.Strengthens Immune System

The white blood cells in the body must be high and strong enough to fight germs and bacteria. Thus almonds can be a support to strengthen your body immune system as it is rich in nutrients.

13.Maintains a Healthy Brain

Almonds are rich in protein and nutrients and should be eaten every day as it activates and strengthens brain cells. This is why our mothers and grandmothers literally forced us to munch a handful of almonds every day in the morning. Munching on almonds regularly boosts memory and sharpness of brain.

14.Maintains a Healthy Heart

Almonds are free of saturated fats and are cholesterol free. It is a great source of omega fatty acids which are found rarely in other food items. Sodium levels are also very low in almonds. This stabilizes blood pressure and protects cardiovascular diseases.

15. Moisturizes the Skin

We tend to eat a lot of chemicals on an everyday basis. Almond oil can be used as a cleanser and moisturizer as well. The Vitamin E present in almonds nourishes the skin.

16.Deals with Stretch Marks

Almond oil is an excellent way to cure dry skin and fight stretch marks. It has an element that will prevent the wear and tear of skin, Applying a few drops pure almond oil daily can reduce stretch marks and control their appearance.

17.Acts as a Makeup Remover

Why buy a chemical makeup removing the product from the market when you can actually remove your makeup naturally at home? Yes, almond oil acts as an excellent makeup remover and also makes the skin smooth, soft and glowing.

18.Reduces Eye Wrinkles

Almond oil is an effective eye product. The tissues under the skin are very delicate.Apply almond oil under the eyes to deal with wrinkles is an amazing option to deal with the skin under the eyes.

19.Initiates Hair Growth

Magnesium is the most vital element for hair growth. Almonds Benefits of Almonds contain magnesium that suffices the requirement for magnesium for hair growth making your hair denser and longer.

20.Maintains Blood pressure

Almond milk consumption greatly helps in maintaining blood pressure issues.

21.Improves Vision

Regular intake of almond milk also results in improving your vision. Vitamin A present in almond helps in making your vision healthy.

22.Impacts Muscle Growth

Almond milk doesn’t contain a large amount of protein, but it is rich in vitamins, iron, and riboflavin which helps you in maintaining strong and muscles.
So, hers’s why Almonds good for you and why should you eat it every day for a healthy mind, body, skin, hair, and eyes. If you guys know anything more regarding the health benefits of almonds do share it down below on the comment box. Till then, keep eating healthy!

By Srishti Singh

I’m Srishti Singh, a Microbiologist, and Nutritionist and the founder of Bebo Lively. Welcome to my world of interesting and healthy food, recipes, workout plans, honest motivation and much more….!

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