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10 Early Warning Signs of Cancer

signs of cancer
Signs of Cancer

Signs of Cancer: Listening to your body in the first place, is the best way to protect it from any upcoming danger, even if it is as deadly as Cancer. If you keep a check and stop avoiding the slightiest issue, a disease as deadly as Cancer can be avoided. If not avoided, at least its gravity can be minimized with the right amount of treatment coupled with medication at the right time. Signs of Cancer are varied but a few of them and unique and alarming, these may be undoubtedly called the warning signs of Cancer.

In the light of one of the most concerning and dangerous disease for mankind, a lot of treatment and medications have been discovered in the due course of time. But we all known the heart-warming effects of chemotherapy. Identically, the patient is put through a heavy doses of medication which results in weakening of immune system and  not to mention the immense loss of hair, sagging skin and a lot more. Altogether, Cancer is the most cruel disease of all.

Here are the top 10 warning signs of cancer

Early detection of cancer symptoms not only increase the chance of beating it but also reduces the cost of treatment and medication.

Shortness of Breath

One of the earliest signs of lung cancer, which is most commonly ignored. As a matter of fact, a lot  patients say that they have experienced wheezing or shortness of breath In their early stages but often ignored them. Ordinarily these tend to be misdiagnosed with Asthma.

Chronic Cough and Chest pain

Several types of cancer including blood cancer( Leukemia) and lung cancer leads to symptoms like chronic cough, irritation in the throat, chest pain. This particular symptom can be identically diagnosed from other types of cough and irritation by the period, whether its occasional or regular. If constant cough persists, consult your doctor immediately.

Frequent Infections

Frequent infections are symptoms of leukemia(blood cancer)  in which our blood starts producing an abnormal amount of white blood cells and the body cannot fight against it due to weaker immune system. Blood cancer is often discovered in adults who complain of frequent fever and flu-like symptoms. This is another warning sign for cancer.

Difficulty in Swallowing

Difficulty in swallowing is often associated to Cervical Cancer in women and correspondingly it is one of the first signs of Lung Cancer.

In the same way, Esophageal Cancer ( esophagus is the food pipe) is also associated with choking or difficulty in swallowing. With a feeling that the food is stuck in the throat or chest. To help the food pass the food pipe the body makes excess saliva.

Excessive Bruising

Excessive bruising can be the symptom for abnormal activity of the red blood cells, which can be a cause of Leukemia. Additionally, some of the most alarming symptoms for blood cancer can be bruising in the fingers of palm, occurrence of red blood spots on the face, neck and chest. If you experience any of these, do not ignore them!

Excessive Weight Loss

Losing weight without making any changes in your diet or any kind of exercise can be a warning sign for cancer. Unnecessary weight loss, is not always due to increased metabolism levels, sometimes you need to ask yourself the reason behind such drastic changes. Weight loss can be an early sign of Colon Cancer, as it affects appetite and the body’s ability to get rid of waste. Furthermore, its add too much pressure on the colon and the excretory system.

Nail Changes

Odd nail changes can be a symptom or warning sign for cancer. Brown or black lines and dots on the nails can indicate Skin cancer. Pale or white nails can be a warning signal for liver cancer. Hence your nails are not just dead cells but a clear indicator of how your body functions. They tell you what is happening inside, uniquely acting as mirrors.

Blood in Urine or stool

Consult your doctor if one of your body part is bleeding with any injury or wound especially if the bleeding lasts for a day or two. Blood stool can be a severe warning sign for Colon Cancer. In any event, blood in the stool or urine is never a signal to be ignored. Bloody urine can be a symptoms for cancer of the bladder or kidneys.

Chronic fever ( a fever that lasts longer than usual)

A fever that doesn’t go away and can’t be explained by your doctor can often be an indication for blood cancer. A prolonged fever can be as hazardous as one can’t even imagine it to be. Additionally, This is one of the most important signals for cancer as cancer is often connected to weaker immunity and which makes getting rid of common ailments difficult to get rid of. In brief, fever which is followed by medication to treat the same should be dealt with gravity.


Heartburn is kind of complicated, in that it can both be a sign of cancer( abdominal or stomach cancer) and also a risk factor for it. People with heartburn can have a ulcer, which means that they have more acid in their stomach, which puts them at a higher risk for stomach cancer. Additionally, excessive acid in the stomach can be due to untimely meals, not eating enough and drinking less amount of water.

Heartburn can be explained as a burning sensation in the chest and stomach, nausea or tendency to vomit, chest pain. It’s not always correct and easy to self-diagnose and eat antacids or gas relievers weeks after weeks. Best way out is visiting your doctor and getting yourself diagnosed.

Cancer has become a widespread disease. According to various studies, we often ignore these indicator of cancer!

In 2016, an estimated 1,68,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed alone and out of them 565,690 couldn’t survive it.

Some of the most common types of cancer projected were Breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer or Melanoma, blood cancer or Leukemia, thyroid cancer, kidney and rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and pelvis cancer.

We can fight this deadly disease with right amount of precautions and proactivity. Cancer is curable if diagnosed in its initial stage. Taking care of yourself and not ignoring the warning signs of cancer can be the first step to reduce its gravity.

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy!

By Srishti Singh

I’m Srishti Singh, a Microbiologist, and Nutritionist and the founder of Bebo Lively. Welcome to my world of interesting and healthy food, recipes, workout plans, honest motivation and much more….!

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