How To Lose Weight by Eating Breakfast?



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of us skip Breakfast due to hustle and bustle of the morning. We have so many things lined up each day, and so many commitments to work on, so most of us hardly eat our breakfast. On the other hand, some may think that skipping the first meal of the day might help them lose weight. But this is an absolute myth. Breakfast, on the other hand, is very useful in losing weight. According to research, One should not consume more than 350 calories while eating their breakfast. Eating the right breakfast can also help you achieve your ideal weight.
Use these breakfast secrets to power up and lose weight.

7 Research-based breakfast Weight Loss Tips That Work 

1. Eat a King Sized Breakfast

Eating more calorie earlier in the day prepares your body so that you feel less hungry throughout the day. Your metabolism is also faster in the morning and does a better job of breaking down the calories you consume. Just be sure about your choices of food, make it healthier and wholesome and not just empty calories. A good serving of whole grain, protein shakes, cheese, chia seeds, granola, whole grain bread, whole wheat tortillas (roti), pancakes or waffles paired with fruits or vegetables will do the required trick.

2.More the Protein, More the Benefit

Aside from providing energy, consuming more proteins in the morning also aids in controlling cravings later in the day. Proteins have been shown to be effective in contributing to a longer feeling of fullness. In some studies, men, and women who ate more protein also felt diminished cravings for unhealthy treats. Seafood, white meat from poultry, egg white, Paneer, milk, Lean beef, and meat are a great source of protein.

3. Eggs are excellent

Speaking of proteins, another great source is eggs. This type of protein curb your hunger better and satisfy you longer than carbs, so when choosing between baked pastries and Omelet, you would do better with the humble Omelet. In addition to that, eggs are a great source of nutrients like Vitamin A and B12, Selenium, and Choline heart for a healthier and stronger immune system.

4. Love For Peanut butter

If you don’t like eggs, and especially people who are vegetarian, Peanut butter can also give you a good amount of proteins. spread it on a loaf of bread, bagel or tortilla and enjoy a satisfying, wholesome meal. You can also make it more delicious and nutritious with some fresh fruit, like bananas, apples or anything else of your choice. Don’t overconsume the peanut butter though, as it does contain some extra bit of calories.

5. Choose Cereals with bigger flakes

Rolled oats are larger than instant oats and more filling; the same concept appears to apply to cereals as well. Cereals with bigger flakes make a more satiating meal. A recent study also highlighted the difference in the size of the cereal flakes and concluded that though the smaller cereals look less in calorie, they actually are denser and contain more calorie than the bigger ones.

6. Oatmeal is healthier than Cereal

Another preferred quick breakfast is Oatmeal or commonly called Oats. A simple bowl of oatmeal is packed with fiber, calcium, and potassium while containing less calorie than the typical breakfast. Compared to a serving of cereal with the same amount of calories, oatmeal also keeps you fuller for longer. You can also control the amount of sugar you put in your oatmeal or cut it out entirely.

7. Oatbran is even more nutritious than Oatmeal

Oat bran and Oatmeal both come from the same food source, whole grain oats. They are just processed differently. Oat bran is packed with more soluble fiber than oatmeal, so you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time. If you compare the protein and calorie content of oat bran and oatmeal, oat bran also contains more protein but lesser calories.

Thank You for reading. Hope you liked this idea of kick-starting your day with a nutrition punch and energy. Make your breakfast healthy. Make yourself healthy. How did you like this post? Do comment in the comment box below. Stay Healthy!



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